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Default Need suggestions for a cheepie mATX mobo

I originally posted this over in the CPU and MOBO section but thought I'd post it here since people here are probably more familiar with these types of boards...

I'm looking for a mobo just for light duty stuff and do some HTPC stuff. I was checking out Gigabyte's site (since I like their mobos) and it's a real bugger to find what you want, even using the comparison page of 5 mobo's I had a hard time seeing any difference in features, so I'm asking for suggestions to save myself the aneurysm.

Has to be mATX and onboard video would be nice too though I will probably end up with a HD3450 at some point anyway, digital coax audio out would be a bonus but most appear only to be optical - though it's hard to find out if they can take digital coax through a header. DDR2 capable - since I have some. I don't have a CPU yet but planning on a E5200 or equiv. just because I'm comfortable with Intel or what ever the used market washes up. (hint hint)

Thanks for any suggestions.
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