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If you're going to be working on this as a weekend hobby with a bunch of other amateur hobbyists then don't expect to have anything remotely resembling something that can go on store shelves within 5-10 years. The average time it takes to churn out a game from a professional development studio with dozens of competent staff is 2 years. There's a reason they invest millions and set tight deadlines. If you don't get the work done fast then your game is going to be outdated technologically before it even comes out.

If you're building your own game from scratch then it means you have to build the engine dev tools before you can create the game itself. As mentioned previously, it'd be better to start modding a commercial game with a large community. Games with a working engine and software development kit make it much easier for you to just jump into the creative design aspect without worrying about the technical stuff too much.

or if you want to make money out of this make flash games you can license to websites.
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