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Zero: I'm quite aware actually, that's why i was thinking getting a groop of people. (hence why I'm posting here)

HeadS0t: lol, figuratively speaking of course :p (its a bummer though, I wish more places would support good indie work)

Thunderball: sandboxes anyone can do, it doesn't give the feeling of saying "hey, all this work is my own"
and I'm already self teaching myself DirectX, at least i can use that in the industry. (hence why I learned C++)
i don't want to make a game for myself, i want to get a groop of eager people to make a great game.
I've allready made some 3d games in Dark basic, 2d games in game maker, and Q-basic. but i know it can be taken to a complete diffrent level with a groop of people, all with thier own Idea's and brances of knowledge.
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