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regardless if it being a folders delight which it very well may be. by the time it comes out it would be cheaper to just by 2 previously enjoyed gts 250s cheaper than one of those.
It is like previously said, pretty much a 9800gx2 which may still perform okish for the time being.
But it's still just another dx10 card and even though dx11 isnt big yet your forced to make a "difficult decision" (not difficult i think )

go broke buying this with no sli or go broke buying nvidia's new line if cards whenever they come out which has sli..(correct)?
i duno about you but i would go with a new gen.
or in my case, im happy with ati atm and am just sticking to cheaper nv folding cards

i dont know all that much about nvidia but do they have quad sli?
if not then thats why the gts250x2... doesnt have a bridge... correct?
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