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My System Specs


The FSB speed is equal to the base bus speed multiplied by 4 with Intel CPUs. 1600MHz FSB support means your motherboard will support CPUs with a bus speed of 400MHz, like the QX9770 for example. Most Core 2 CPUs use a bus speed of 266MHz or 333MHz, although lower-end CPUs use 200MHz and higher-end chips use 400MHz.

RAM speed depends on the specific FSB:DRAM ratio you set in the BIOS. If you use the lowest ratio, then the RAM speed will be double the bus speed, which would mean that in order to run your RAM at 1066MHz, you'd need a bus speed of 533MHz. However, you can use different dividers to obtain higher RAM speeds with lower bus speeds, so you can run your RAM faster while putting less strain on the chipset.
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