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Originally Posted by AkG View Post looks like "YoungMan" is an apt handle for him (this is the same "adult" who claims Intel and their X25-m has magical powers that can "essentially" turn MLC nand into SLC). It certainly will be interesting to see what happens when he cops a 'tude like that with Enaberif or some of the other regulars. Personally, it looks like another peep will soon be joining o0o in my ignore list. ;)

Raid 0 is a bad idea for most people. If you use and understand the risks, good for you. I've run it in a few setups. Coping attitude with someone stating these obvious risks....not such a great idea. Might want to tone it down in the future YoungMan.
wtf is wrong with this bulldog? does it have a case of rabies or something? oh wait, it's a bulldog. can't even spell my username correctly

Originally Posted by YoungMan View Post
Looks like a lot of uptight people online.

You want proof about the Intel drives, look at the presentations.
+1. it's primarily just the bulldog known as 'akg' (blech), he is apparently a hwc staff and has some bells and whistles attached to his username, so it seems as if he's more than one person
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