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Default Wireless router, G vs. N

I just got a new laptop and a Linksys wrt54g router. The router was a bit of an after thought on my part and now that I have done a bit more research I'm going to exchange if. My problem is what to replace it with?

If I stay with 802.11g I'm going to simply get the wrt54gl as it seems to be very popular, reliable and has good firmware support.

However if I can grab a good 802.11N version 2.0 router would it not be a good choice? I just don't understand it all yet. Will my laptop gain anything from going with an N router if its internal card is only a G? I know I can purchase an N card in the future but that is not in the current budget. I would just hate to miss the boat on the N technology. My budget is $100 Cad though so that might eliminate the N routers. Thoughts and opinions?
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