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Thx for your answers

Originally Posted by FiXT View Post
I believe it all has to do with spam and the free email accounts from which a majority of spam comes from. Free email german addresses are not alone - I believe the entire Russian (.ru) domain has been blocked as that consists of a good 50%+- of spam that comes through, certain Chinese and British domains have been blacklisted as well. There are also specific American email domains primarily associated with spam that make the list.

The domains aren't specifically listed as the number of blacklisted emails domains I have seen number in the tens of thousands.
I see the necessity of keeping the spam out of the forum, but not all german domains were sources of spam, where i have registerd the majority of my emailadresses, belongs to, which is one of the largest german internet provider. You can only get that that emailadress if you are a customer.

Originally Posted by FiXT View Post
I will inquire as to whether we can put a clear noticed in our registration form about the policies in place to avoid further confusion.
This would help a lot, it took me almost 1,5h to register because of all the receted emailadresses!
I guess not everyone has that endurance.

Originally Posted by rk View Post
Sorry for the inconvenience. In the past, we have been getting a lot of spammers from country-based domains. So we had to ban a few countries' domains for email addresses. This includes .cn, .lv, .ru, .biz, etc.

Recently, we've been getting more visitors from Germany (2% of visitors). We will evaluate this again if we should pull the ban from .de addresses.
Looking forward to it
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