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Originally Posted by xXxRithxXx View Post
20-30 seconds compared to how long it took prior to the ssd is a nice increase and as for overall system performance it is no slacker either. After playing Dragon Age, I see my loading times cut drastically and the same goes with Crysis, much faster thna regular HDD.

I have searched the OCZ forums and is it right that you have to run wiper.exe (is it TRIM)?

Also, I have recently ordered another Vertex, just couldn't resist the temptation of trying them in RAID0
IF you are running 1.4 there is no need to run wiper.exe
Wiper.exe is basically a work around they implemented to get TRIM before TRIM was available (ie its basically a manual TRIM / ITGC)

When you go raid, upgrade to 1.4.1 as TRIM will not work on RAID'ed drives (yet). The x.1 version is the ITGC version which is actually slightly faster than the TRIM (1.4) version. Let the system idle every once in awhile and you will never have any slow downs :)
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