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I'm in a similar boat as you, Spikemaul. I've also got the 1tb WD Black HDD and I'm contemplating the idea of getting an SSD.

I'm also on a relatively tight budget. Most people I've spoken to on other forums have recommended the Kingston SSD V series 128gb unit. Apparently it's the least expensive SDD on the market and it's performance is very good as far as boot times and response is concerned. The data transfer rates are not, however, very good, at least that's what people have told me. So if you move around very large amounts of data regularly then it wouldn't be the best choice.

Now I don't move large amounts of data around on my PC. I'm only concerned about responsiveness, and boot times for my OS and games. I don't know if anyone else on the forums has the Kingston SSD drive I'm referring to so perhaps someone can offer their experiences with the unit.

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