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Originally Posted by MacJunky View Post
What is that "consistent" supposed to mean? Macs are pretty much just regular home PCs but with slightly different hardware in a couple areas and OS X.
I mean, sure Apple's entire linup uses EFI unlike the majority of home PCs(so far..(as far as I know)) but aside from that they are really not all that different anymore in terms of hardware components.(stuff on the PCB, not the PCB design.)

OK go put XP or vista on your Mac... go buy COD 4 , HL2 whatever you want... and play them. Then compare your results with how they play on a PC. Maybe I should have said unpredictable as opposed to consistent.

I'll agree Macs are awesome for Video production. I used to use Premiere and After Effects on PC but Final Cut Studio blows it away. I love how all the tools are integrated and able to edit/preview without spending ages rendering anything. Awesome system if anyone wants to do any semi-pro or pro video production. But as a gaming machine it is no conspiracy or secret. Macs are just not there. Sorry MacJunky that's just the way it is.


Here's a great quote from Tuncer's Blog at

Let's not mince facts here...the Mac is NOT a great gaming platform. There are a lot of drawbacks to it. It's a rather small market. Apple has one or two people at the company concentrating on Mac games (which is pathetic). The consoles are leaving computer gaming in the dust. There are a lot of factors that make the Mac an unattractive platform for gaming.
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