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My System Specs


personally I don't really care for Vista ( only the eye candy)and personally I don't think that Vista should be on a Laptop I also think it Very laughable that people use Vista just so they can use Directx10. anyway I would just use the xp disk that you have for your desk top and just download the drivers you need it isn't piracy or anything like that ( if you do use the xp from your desktop) because you alreay own the disk there are a few places you can get drivers and updates without going through Microsoft so I wouldn't worry about that . I always use different places to get my updates because I don't use IE explorer or the Microsoft website because of the fact that they are snooping about on my comp which I don't care for. anyway if you have the time you can just take the desktop xp and make an unattended version of XP for your laptop so that it will automatically it will install the proper drivers and any supported software you you want. if your interested in doing so just go to this site to learn it. believe me its worth the time and effort to learn to do this because it will cut down on reinstall times by at least 70% 9 I must appologize for getting off subject I still need my morning pot of coffee :) ).
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