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I'd say get a Caviar Black and use it for the OS and programs, then use the Greens for media in RAID 1. You get good performance for programs and sufficient capacity for media (with a failsafe in case a drive goes).

Also, I'd actually change a couple parts you're thinking of buying.
First, the CM Silent Pro series isn't actually that great in terms of quality. They have very poor voltage control (if high efficiency). Besides, 1000W is WAY overkill for that rig. I'd say get something by Corsair, PC Power and Cooling, Seasonic, Silverstone, etc. in the 750-850W range.
Second, Fermi is only a couple months off and HD 5xxx is already here? Why go dropping $200 on something already outdated? If you have a n release, so you'll get a better card even if Fermi is too expensive. If you don't have a carry-over card, get one of the new ATI cards. card you can temporarily carry over to the new rig until Fermi releases, that's what I'd do. Big price drops are expected o
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