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Sorry to bring this somewhat old topic back up again, but I see there was mention in the review about the northbridge temp sensor.

Would this be the sensor usually identified as "motherboard"?

Just trying to figure out where the sensors are actually located on this motherboard. The CPU one (not the individual CPU core temps) is probably below the socket. Just confused where the northbridge sensor is located or whether it is actually some junction temp inside the 790GX northbridge. Most of the temp sensing is from the SuperIO IC located between the rear backplate section and the first expansion slot, but I'm not sure if this is pulling the temp from the northbridge or perhaps sensor below the northbridge or if the actual reported northbridge or motherboard temp is perhaps coming from a sensor/junction on or near the SuperIO chip.

My SuperIO runs pretty hot to the touch, but I think it's just sitting in a heatspot anyway.

So where do you guys reckon these temps are coming from?
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