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Between the 2, blacks are much better for OS drives. Their access times are also better, due to higher RPMs.
But honestly, SSDs are the way to go for any OS drives.

I see no reason to ever buy Greens or blues, unless you can get them for considerably cheaper. It's worth the extra $10-15 for a faster drive with +2 years warranty.
And if noise + heat is an issue, there's always great hitachi and seagate drives which outperform the green and costs less, on top of the reduced noise and heat.

(I've personally used RAID0 myself with 2 Samsung drives for a good few months. Then I switched to SSDs for performance, the array was still intact. The chance of your RAID0 falling apart is the same chance as a drive dying. If you have a history of drives dying, better not use RAID. Otherwise it's perfectly fine.)
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