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I went out and bought 2 of these just cause they were cheap and I was curious.
I'm running them in Raid 0 and not having any issues, although I did after awhile start to notice a slight slowdown, but only in benchmarks and such nothing I could see with the naked eye. I keep a close eye on OCZ's SSD V1 forums and recently someone posted this: Guide For those in raid, or those who just want a drive with consolidated free space and clean Nand...bring on TONY-TRIM - OCZ Forum

He's calling it Tony-Trim LOL
I gave it a shot and it worked, performance went right back to what it was upon purchase. I always used perfectdisk before owning an SSD and uninstalled it upon buying them, now I have it back on and setup the way its stated there, its only been about a week now, but it seems to be working well.
Trim for V1 SSD? sorta ;)
This way it also allows it to work in Raid....maybe even something to look at for the later SSD's.
I'm really not knowledgable enough to say a whole lot about it, just that it seems to be working for me, maybe Akg could give us insight?
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