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Originally Posted by b1lk1 View Post
Changing to a 750MHz CPU will offer almost no gain at all in speed, waste of cash. Instead of changing the drive I would get an external USB drive to store all data and just use the 20GB drive for the OS install. It's very likely that chipset/BIOS will not support over 37GB anyways.
thx for you're reply. i know it is a "waste of cash" but it is a customer that wants me to upgrade the laptop and he has a budget allowed for this. For 30$ i think it is worth it especially that this laptop is slow with windows xp. the laptop already has 512mb of memory wich i think is the maximum allowed so the only think remaining to skeeze a little more performance is the cpu and hdd.

so you think this chipset allows only 37gb maximum so maybe i could at least put a 40gb hdd then. How can i know the maximum size the chipset will support?
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