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Default URGENT Old laptop upgrade question

hi all,

usually i do not need help regarding pc's but for laptops i am newb here. so i just have a quick question. i have a dell latitude cpx here that i cannot find the exact model number but it has a ibm travelstar 20gb hdd in it and i would like to upgrade it. i dont know what is compatible with it. i know it is a ide 2.5'' but i dont know what would be the max size supported. can i put something like 80gb, 160gb? it would be running windows xp. if you guys have links of products it would be appreciated.

also it has a p3 650mhz that looks to be on a mmc-2 socket and i found a 750mhz on ebay that is on the same socket aswell. would it be compatible?

i need a quick answer because ebay auctions ends quick

thx in advance
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