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Originally Posted by rk View Post
The problem with a mobile site is, it will lack a lot of the current features of the website. Our website has been customized a lot that getting all the features to work on mobile browsers will not be an easy task to do.

By the way, if we ever fully support mobile layouts, which part of the website do you use the most?
- The front page (news, review listing, etc)
- The reviews
- The forum?
The point of mobile tho is for those who want to quickly use the site without ANY of those features because they down the phone and cause crazy data usage.

Originally Posted by encorp View Post
What kind of sad human being gets angry when a website dosn't release or have a feature? I think somebody needs to get their priorities straight and maybe put more weight behind the things in life that really matter.
Nobody is getting angry.. but if they did have one.. a lot of people would use it.
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