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BIOSTARís G.P.U Phase Control
CPU Load Line option is also put in this page.

Built-in GPU option, named IGD Graphics
32/64/128MB can be selected to share RAM.

Main page of CPU technology options
Common C1E, HT, VT, etc technology all can be set enabled or disabled from here.

When built-in GPU is used, all of these options will appear
They can be overclocked with built-in GPU, with range from 133 ~ 2000MHz

For BIOS setting, I set steady configuration according to the ratio of CPU to DDR3 is 200 to 2000.
When external CPU clock is set over 166 ~ 175MHz, built-in GPU becomes unsteady.
So, if you want to overclock CPU over 200MHz, external VGA is suggested.
I find this special situation when I use Clarkdale;
one possible reason is that GPU is built in CPU, so the design affects overclocking capability indirectly.

Testing platform:
CPU: Intel Core i5-661 ES
VGA: Intel Clarkdale 900MHz
POWER: be quiet E7 Cable Management 480W
Cooler: Mega Shadow(Deluxe Edition)
OS: Windows7 Ultimate 64bit

BIOSTARís exclusive software
TOverclocker, multifunctional OS software,
allows user adjust external clock, voltage, and performance modes from this programme directly.

Hardware Monitor

The upper software allows user to change boot logo directly; FOXCONN also had similar software before.
G.P.U Energy-saving software: it is suggested to disable this utility when overclocking to remain system steady.

BIOSTAR now provides more and more software and professional functions as a big manufacturer should have.
From software user aspects, I believe Biostar team should improve and make it more user friendly.

Below is the test result of Intel new 32nm platform.
CPU uses Intel Core i5-661, 4 Threading, clock is 3.33GHz, L3 Cache 4MB
GPU is 900Mhz, 87W, official price is US$196

Default performance:
CPU 133 X 25 => 3333MHz
DRAM DDR3 1333 CL9 9-9-24 1T
GPU 900MHz 128mb

Hyper 4 X PI 32M=> 18m 00.891s
CPUMARK 99=> 550

Nuclearus Multi Core => 13523
Fritz Chess Benchmark => 13.07/6273
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