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Originally Posted by Airshehan View Post
Hey Guys,

I got my iPhone for Christmas and since then I have been enjoying it very much! When I use some applications like Skype for example, my iPhone gets really hot! If I am charging it and using Skype at the same time, it gets so hot that I don't feel comfortable leaving it on my lap! I need to know whether this is normal or whether I should exchange it for a new one at Future Shop! Thanks Guys!
Well this is a known issue at Apple, Do not take it in to Futureshop they will drag the process out for months. Since you got it at Christmas it is still under the 1 year limited manufacturer warranty from Apple. Take it in an Apple store to see if they will be able to service it or replace it outright. If you originally got it from Futureshop I'm not surprised, it's probably an older 3Gs that they sold as "new". What I mean is it would have been bought brand new no doubt it would be factory sealed, but the early batch of the 3Gs was known for overheating problems, I believe Apple has fixed the problem however.

If there is no Apple store close by then I recommend contacting them at 1-800-MY-APPLE
and have a shipment to the Canadian Service Center arranged. Trust me dealing with Apple will give you a lot less headaches on the whole.
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