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Originally Posted by SGardiner View Post
CBC Market Place documentary on Big Box Stores and HD TV accessories including engineering review on various cables - Marketplace - Is an expensive HDTV cable really better than a cheap one?
Thanks! I think salespeople who misinform consumers are jerks. I don't know why any action isn't taken against the companies who (ostensibly) promote this kind of conduct.

Originally Posted by MAK View Post
There is a difference in quality and in the manufacturing of the cables, but the price ranges are really just exaggerated in my opinion: just capitalism at work. Did you hear about the $1000 a meter HDMI cable? It was in a ZDnet blog once:

Who would pay for a $1,000 HDMI cable? | Home Theater |
That's hilarious - 1000$?! When you refer to quality and manufacturing are you referring to sturdiness (cable will last longer) or actual picture and sound quality?

Originally Posted by MpG View Post
I think a part of it is simply pragmatism. Put simply, these magazines/shows/websites owe their existence to the existence of high-end stuff. If there's no difference between the $1 cable and the $150 cable, or the $200 amp and the $2000 amp, or the $500 television and the $5000 television, etc, why are they even around? In order to justify their presence, there NEEDS to be "something better" for their readers to aspire to, and for them to showcase in their upcoming issue.
That's a good answer. I never thought of it like that. Do you think these reviewers are consciously, wilfully doing this?

In regards to interference, doesn't that not matter for digital information? I'm no expert in this field so please correct me if I'm wrong.

I'd also like to make the distinction between perceivable difference and theoretical (for lack of a better word) difference. It's obvious that for almost all products there reaches a point when the difference is only theoretical and not perceivable - system memory for example. It has been mentioned in many hardware reviews for super fast RAM that you probably won't notice any gains, but benchmarking shows that there is in fact a difference. That's fine.

What gets me, and this is probably why I'm dwelling on this issue so much, is that logically there should be absolutely no theoretical difference between HDMI cables, and yet there is such a wide range in pricing, and so many reviewers willing to state the contrary. I can't even think of an analogy for it - this is the only case I can think of where there is no qualitative difference amongst products.
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