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Originally Posted by rfielder View Post
The package says 1.6V.

I will see what the BIOS reads next time I reboot. That is an interesting idea, but with a 750W power supply I have trouble understanding why the voltage would drop.
the memory voltage are manage by the motherboard voltage regulator , nothing to do with the PSU. You are using for now the ASUS auto regulator, as far as I know, the bios look at the info from the memory to adjust. , this info is in the firmware of the RAM , a small chip on the RAM . when you use qualify memory, I guess Asus check with the manufacturer, if the info in the firmware ,is compatible. When you use non qualify memory, they may be ok, ( they don't have the resource to check all them,) but if they are not, compatible with the auto setting, you have to adjust it your self
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