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To be honest I consider 775 to be more or less dead now that i3s are available that outperform C2Qs. You have a $500 budget. I'd recommend getting an i5 750, 4GB of DDR3 (nothing high-end, around $100) and the best motherboard you can afford with the money left over. Reuse the GPU and PSU (both still have some life left in them and are far more easily replaced). As for the CPU and RAM, either sell them or keep them around in case you need to build a server, HTPC, something like that.

It's your choice, but I'd guess that if you upgrade to a 790i motherboard you'll just end up caught in a loop of replacing outdated hardware to avoid a whole new system. I've made a personal pact with myself not to update my 775 system until I can afford something Nehalem-based (or something newer if it's out).
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