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Default Upgrade path from E2140...

I am super out of the loop and without a decent computer at home so please bear with me...

My Abit IP35-E finally bit the dust so I'm left with:

E2140 that OC's to 3 ghz easy
2 gb DDR2-800 Crucial Ballistix
Corsair 650HX (2 years old)

I quit serious gaming a year ago, but I hate my PS3 again and probably will game somewhat. I do like high res gaming.

I was considering getting a EVGA 790i chipset, and 4 gb DDR3, using the remainder of what I have, and grabbing another 9800GTX when I see a cheap one. I think the PSU can handle that, and I would love to put that ram in the kids computer so I hear less whining.

But, I'm kinda thinking that I'm throwing good money after bad... anyone have a better option?

Budget is about $500 upper end.
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