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Originally Posted by Dr.CSM View Post
I've been watching Brad and his folding since the day he started, in 2004 if memory serves, but I think he was doing something very similar to that back in 1988, I just can't remember who it was for for or what it was called. I'm all in favor of seeing many more women folding. I'd love to see the day arrive when I can thank folding with pride for making Brad's last days far better, and in hopes that no one will ever have to go through all he has again. For me it was just a matter of several of life's factors converging. The right kind of forum first. Most of them seem like they are run by kids, for kids, with grudging concessions made for seniors and professionals who dare stick their heads out the window. This one seems different, and is the first and only forum I've ever joined outside the walls of three companies that aren't open to the public. It is an experience, and I hope it remains as hospitable in the future, and toward women, as it appears to be now.

A c'mon now sugar, give the kids a chance to grow up. They just have neater toys to play with than we did. The JOB is for parents to take a more concerned role in what their kids use the machines four. See ya when ya get home.

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