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Originally Posted by MarkOne View Post
4 stick, I think Martin was not far from the true , did you check on the qualify vendor list, you some memory than can be put on group of 4 . check the voltage requiere by the mem also, with 4 stick, you need some tweaking sometime ,,and did you give a try to the mem ok button.
The memory "should not" be the problem - it is the right type and speed. However, it might be faulty.

I am setting aside the possibility that any of it is not inserted correctly, since the first two were removed and then reinserted, and proper seating of all components and connectors is something I learned to check a long time ago.....

However, that does not mean it is impossible that some of it is not perfect. Getting stuff that is fully or paritally DOA becomes more and more rare each year, but it can happen.....

Not sure what you mean by "with 4 stick, you need some tweaking". I have not read of having to change anything for using 4 pieces of memory, except when overclocking - which I am not doing yet.
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