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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Jmac View Post
I can't even find 4 GB FB-DIMMs ... nor does Apple actually say they support them on their website (It says up to 8 x 2 GB FB-DIMMs).
Mac Pro Memory - Mac Pro Quad Xeon Memory, Mac Pro 8-Core Xeon Memory DDR2 667MHz Fully Buffered 240 Pin DIMM PC5300 Upgrades at
Originally Posted by Jmac View Post
You can use any GPU in a Mac Pro as long as there are drivers for it, right ?
Not quite, need a ROM. The people at Welcome to The Mac Elite (formerly strangedogs) are working on it. Last I checked they still do not quite have editing EFI ROMs down just yet so they are pretty much limited to cards like the GF 7800GTX and Rad X1900XTX. Apple does offer a Quadro FX 4500 but I can't recall someone saying they flashed one without issues yet.
You can however use other cards and SLI with windows if I recall though. :\
Yes, I know, Apple needs to get their posterior in gear in this area.

Unless I am mistaken the MacPro (like at least the later PowerMac G5s [edit]yep, and they were a bit 'splosion prone as well :P : Le "Macbidouille" in English [/edit]) is said to have a 1 kilowatt PSU or at least something in the high 900s. If this is true Apple should not have that big of an issue compiling SLI drivers for OS X and letting users toss in some nicer cards. It is unlikely but Apple, if you are reading this, give us some batter cards! I mean, the rest of the computer can handle them so why not? It will most likely only attract more people, is that so bad?

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