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Default Was Jefferson right? Are all HDMI cables created equal?

Intuitively it doesn't make sense. How can a 150$ cable, designed by the finest engineers in the world, with gold-plated connectors, perform identically to a 5$ cable, designed by a Devry dropout, comprised of melted down Diet Coke cans?

Logically it makes perfect sense. Rather than rehash the 1's and 0's argument, I'll paraphrase West Side Story:

Once you're a bit
You're a bit all the way
Whether you got it from Bay Bloor
Or off of eBay

This leaves me with three questions:

1) Is it true that all (working) HDMI cables will produce the exact same picture and sound?
2) If 1 is true, how do pro-cable companies get away with this? I'm not just talking about Monster cables. How do boutiquey brands like QED and Supra even survive?
3) If 1 is true, how deep does this conspiracy go? When a magazine staffed by (ostensibly) qualified reviewers reports differences across HDMI cables, are they lying?
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