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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Zero82z View Post
The TDP numbers given by ATI and nVidia for their video cards are generally quite conservative. With that said, 500W would not be enough for a system like this to run comfortably, if even at all.

It would be the PSU's continuous output rating, not its peak rating (good PSUs are rated based on continuous, not peak output). But you are correct. Running a PSU outside of its peak efficiency zone (generally 40-60% load, although most good PSUs can be run up to 80% or so without difficulty) will result in lower efficiency, higher temperatures, worse performance, and a shortened lifespan.

I am going on what would be peak for a 500W Zero, or most peak anyways. My Silverstone for example is rated for a continuous output of 750W with a peak of 800W. I was saying if by some chance that setup worked it would be right at the peak output of a said good quality 500W supply.

Hence my suggestion for the Silverstone Strider Plus.


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