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Sorry mate, tend to get post happy and forget each forum as their own rules!

1. This build will be used for gaming. I'd much like to run today's high-end games with atleast an FPS of 50-60 on max settings, hopefully with only one GPU.

2. My budget is sub-$1500us; and it stands now I'm sitting on a $1255us build, but if anyone sees anything that can be bought for cheaper while still maintaining the same performance, I'm all ears!

3. I'll be purchasing my products from unless I find the same parts for cheaper on another site. As it stands now I just finished putting together this build the other day and have yet to go looking for better deals.

4. I am completely fanboyless. Quality technology is it's own reward without having a brand name that adds 20% more fees.

5. My current PC is an old dell dimension e510 from 2006, and I don't intend on using any parts. The power supply is much too weak to handle the type of hardware I'm interested in sitting at a messily 330w, I want to upgrade from my 2gig DDR2 to 4gig DDR3 and plan on running Win7 64-bit with my new build to get the benefit of having that much ram, and the mobo is integrated out the bum. Nothing will make the switch over.

6. Haven't searched/read similar threads because I just made my way to the site mere moments ago. I'll definitely take up the search feature a little later when I've the time.

7. Overclocking.. I'm a greenhorn when it comes to that subject. My build (from my prospective, anyway) seems somewhat on the high end so I wouldn't image it's very necessary to overclock. But if I could OC my CPU from 2.66mhz to somewhere around 3mhz+, that would be awesome. I need to do some reading up on that beforehand if I intend on doing that though.

8. When do I plan to build this? Sometime within the next 2-3 months. My cache is just now teetering with the green and should have enough to purchasing the parts in time.

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