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Default folding on 3 core / core free for gpu folding

Im looking to build a bether folding pc, in pass i fold with cpu only or gpu, now i want to fold with bolt in the same computer but have some question

-i know for ati gpu you need a free core to fold with gpu(if you want some ppd) but does i need to do it with geforce? how many gpu 1 core can handle?

-can vmware fold on 3 core? if i yes 1 core for gpu and have a quad core, can i use all 3 other core to fold or 1 will be here doing nothing? i know you can fold with 7core on i7, so why not 3?

-how many ram i need for bigadv? can i stop bigadv like any other vmware?(when i want to game..)

Thanks for your help
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