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Smile Another case recommendation thread

Hey all,

I plan on ordering my new comp at the end of the month and am seriously considering buying a new case. My old sunbeam transformer just isn't cutting the mustard, especially in terms of cable management.

I thought about getting a Lian Li but many of their cases are outside of my price range. I would die for the Corsair Obsidian but, again, price is the issue. I'm surprised at how many cases are available and the number of different options that one can get.

I really want a case with a a black interior and lots of space behind the mobo tray for routing my cables. A clean look is preferred as well. And I would like to use the Coolermaster 212+, hopefully without removing any side panel fans (if it features one). A tall order for less than $150 CDN. Here is a short list of the cases I have found so far:

Lancool K62
NZXT Tempest EVO
Coolermaster Storm Sniper, Black Edition
Lian Li PC-60FNWB
Lian Li PC-7FNWB

Coolermaster 690 Advanced II

I know the Lian Li's don't have black interiors but they look stunning! And they have modular hdd bays, so that I can turn them such that they don't impede airflow (as much as 90 deg position).

Come to think of it, I could order the case later, assuming I pick the Advanced II, so the 'deadline' isn't really that big a deal.

Are there other cases out there that I haven't seen that meet these requirements? Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I will be ordering from NCIX, but am somewhat willing to buy elsewhere if the case is that good

EDIT 2: Should mention that I like windows, all the easier to see my hardware :)
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