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Originally Posted by upcoast604 View Post
Being that your an adventurist, if u have a spare psu around the house (like an old 350-400w sparkle or like that) you could run the hdds, dvd and fans off it and free up some amps. Basically you stick a paper clip in the 24pin plug(do a search to know which pins to bridge exactly) tape it up and use the switch at the back to power on/off, obviously power on before starting the stealth which powers the mobo,cpu and vid card.

I've had to do this when I've run short of amps with 500w blue. Do it at your own risk though. Good luck either way.
Seems like a lot of work lol, and i dont have an extra psu. I have however gotten a pro account on one of the psu calcs and it says in total i need 35.3 amps on the 12v rails. Now pcie1 connector is on its own rail, so that part should be fine. The motherboard and all peripherals are also on their own rail, meaning they shouldnt be an issue. CPU1 again is on its own rail, its only the second cpu connector and the second pcie connector sharing a rail thats 18a. My phenom II runs just fine using only the first 4 pin connection, so theoretically if a disconnect the second one, which is on there just because it was there so i plugged it in thinking itm ight help in power during overclocking, ill have 18a going to each connector on the 4870x2 and should be fine right?
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