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Ever since I played C&C 95 back when I was 12, I always preferred games that allowed you to play all the factions, not just the "good guys" (United States).

There is a mission in C&C 95 as Nod where you have to go in and kill all the villagers because they are voiceing their opposition to Kane. They are completely unarmed, you just have to kill them all fast before GDI arrives. This is just as bad as the no Russian mission, except of course for the graphics.

Whats my point? Make games where you can play all sides, and if you don't like your side then switch sides. SKYMTL said he likes to watch movies because he wants to see the bad guys get what is coming to them. Sometimes I like to root for the bad guys because they have so much more style and come up with much more interesting plans.

I usually skip games altogether that don't offer at least two sides. It should be about choice.
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