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Well, I'll start off this with the statement "I am not an expert"

That being said, get ready for my two cents

Some ppl will tell you to spend thousands on an HTPC. I disagree. You can accomplish a decent HTPC with HD for very little money. For example, I had a GeForce Ti4something (can't remember exact name/specs of card... sorry) running on a P3 1.0Ghz board (can't remember specifics here either... sorry)

Anyways, that was pumping Planet Earth (HD) to a HDTV with the res you're looking to run - 1080i (this is basically a beefy 720p btw)

What most ppl say about the HTPC is to silence it. I disagree again. imho it doesn't have to be totally silent. A normal PC doesn't generate too much noise. Once you turn up the TV you won't hear anything. Now, there are those who will take a big crap on me here, but don't listen to them. You can accomplish what you want with very little. Currently I have a P35 board using the HDMI port (no GPU here ) and that's working to decode 1080p content.

Think about it like this, can your PC play HD stuff on your desktop? If so, it can more than likely display it on your TV too.

Back to your questions, that case would look awesome. Any MB/CPU (nothing special) would do the trick. You would probably want to have at least 2GB of RAM.

-Pat Pond

P.S. - Again, Not an Expert, but I have built a few of these
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