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Originally Posted by Jack Rabbit View Post
If you use software RAID in Windows I think you can mirror a volume on a dynamic partition 'live'. Say you put in a 1Tb; make a partition the same size as the 500 you have, make them both dynamic, then set the new one to be a mirror. I'm not 100% sure about that but I think that's how it works. The advantage would be you could use the other half of the 1Tb drive for something else; it just would not be protected.
You should not see any significant speed reduction, especially with a good hardware card. You are just writing the same data to two drives; no fancy calculations, no striping.
Yes you can do live, but dynamic disk have only 1 partition, they use volume, so you create 2 volumes of 500 gb on the Tetra, and you mirror one with the 500 volume on the other disk.

as an other example you can extend also the volume to 3 differents size of disks , usefull for server when you want to expend, but in that case if a disk fail, you lost everything
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