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My System Specs


How are you going to make the RAID? Software in the OS? Fake RAID card? Hardware RAID card?

Hardware solutions generally limit the visible size to the smallest disk but you can mix and match. You just get waste.

If you use software RAID in Windows I think you can mirror a volume on a dynamic partition 'live'. Say you put in a 1Tb; make a partition the same size as the 500 you have, make them both dynamic, then set the new one to be a mirror. I'm not 100% sure about that but I think that's how it works. The advantage would be you could use the other half of the 1Tb drive for something else; it just would not be protected.

You should not see any significant speed reduction, especially with a good hardware card. You are just writing the same data to two drives; no fancy calculations, no striping.
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