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My System Specs


Oh, by the way. I got in contact with her but she only had windows in vmware so I doubt these are at all accurate, also, when she gave windows more RAM(I don't know how much) the time went down. I feel that I have to say the use of vmware was affecting things, though I suppose if I can find a MacPro with the same or close CPU speed and type this might give a look at the difference between running windows natively and virtualizing it.

[07:19] 	MacJunky	do you have windows on your MacPro?
[07:19] 	Agatha	in VMWare, yeah
[07:20] 	MacJunky	I don't know the performance of VMware but I was wondering if someone with a decent Mac Pro could run Super_PI and 3DMark06 in windows
[07:21] 	MacJunky	I don't know how those would do in vmware though
[07:22] 	*	Agatha could try
[07:22] 	Agatha	vmware only gives 2 cores to windows, though
[07:22] 	MacJunky	oh :\ never mind then
[07:24] 	Agatha	what sort of numbers should be coming out of super_pi
[07:25] 	MacJunky	I don't know
[07:25] 	MacJunky	that is why I want to know :P
[07:26] 	Agatha	19s for 1M here
[07:26] 	Agatha	0.8s for 64k
[07:27] 	Agatha	36s for 2M
[07:27] 	Agatha	seems to only be using one core of the two anyhoo
[07:28] 	MacJunky	>_> 300Mhz G3 w/ 1MB L2 takes between 10 and 13 mins for 2M
[07:28] 	LSD`	hahaha
[07:28] 	MacJunky	400Mhz PII takes about the same as well
[07:29] 	MacJunky	that G3 is under Tiger and the PII under win 2000
[07:36] 	Agatha	gave it more RAM - 26s for 2M this time
[07:36] 	MacJunky	hmm
[07:42] 	Agatha
[07:53] 	LSD`	Core = Awseome :)
[07:54] 	LSD`	We need someone silly enough to buy a Phenom system for comparison
*shrug* Perhaps I should find out how much RAM windows in vmware was allowed and see if the times could be further reduced with more. After all, she does have 24GB at her disposal. :P
Be nice if I knew someone else with a high end MacPro that had windows installed natively though.

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