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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
AMD has been saying Bulldozer is 1 year away for the last 3 years.

Plus, while it may be revolutionary in some aspects, Bulldozer won't bring about any huge leaps in performance.

It looks to be a number crunching monster in highly multi-threaded apps but in order to have 8 physical cores on the 32nm manufacturing process and keep it below the stated 120W maximum (or have they revised this now?) the clock speeds would have to be ultra low. This could make it horrible for typically single or dual threaded apps like many games.

Another issue AMD has is that they are stuck to Global Foundries' manufacturing process. This means if the untried GF 32nm process shows any issues, they will be pushed back. That in itself would be a disaster. Why? Because Intel has already shown that they can effectively produce 32nm chips and will be already previewing Sandy Bridge 32nm architecture this year. Meanwhile, in mid 2011 the 22nm Ivy Bridge (Sandy Bridge die shrink) is due out.

AMD really looks to have something with Bulldozer but they will once again be too late by at least 6 months...
Hate to mention this but ya do remember the intel amd agreement signed recently does make it that AMD can get there chips manufactored by any fab they choose.
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