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Default EP45-UD3P +gskill 8500CL5D-4GBPK= problems

I can get 1 stick 2 work fine however 2 sticks just boots, totally unresponsive.I'm using slots 2,4 raised volts to 2.o and tried everything .I even broke down and called the so called techs at gskill and gigabyte they couldn't help either.Both sticks are good ,i RMA'd the board 3 times keep gettin bad boards.slot 1 i just get a black screen wont boot at all lol, so im using slot 2 with 1 stick for now .Any new ideas would be appreciated. Thanx

Q9400-2.67 @3.6GHZ__Arctic7cooler__ Giga-EP45-UD3P__gskill 2GB 1066__WDcavblk 620gb__750W Pc power&cool__XFX HD 4890 __ Lian-Li case K7B_ acer 23"1080p__ XP 32

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