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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Raserei408 View Post
Well, I'd run a memtest to see if it gives you any errors. If not, I'd say keep it where it is. No reason to go overvolting your RAM if you don't need to. Honestly, I'm a bit concerned that DDR3 is set to run at 1.9V stock; that's a lot higher than the standard which is, in fact, 1.5V. So, if it's totally stable, just keep it at 1.5V. If not, bump it up.

true, i'm gonna explore my bios later tonight when i have more time and i'll also try a memory test. I've already tested the ram in windows and got a memory score of 5.9 which isn't too bad, everything seems fine when i was gaming

just worries me that it says 1.9 volts as the spec's in the packaging. Concerned it might not be good for the ram to rn at 1.5 volts if the box says 1.9 and i also would want it running at 1600mhz 7-7-7-20 if possible

i'll explore later tonight and see what i find
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