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The fact is, both camps have a lot going for them and there is really no "bad choice" when picking one over the other. It comes down to personal preference (i prefer OCZ and there sweet 1.4.1fw to Intel but have used both and LIKE both). Some prefer the tweaking and customer service OCZ have, others prefer the plug and play aspect of the Intel drive. The Intel x25-m gen 2 is a beast in small 4k r/w but its top end is only about 100mb/s (or less). The Indi drives are slower in 4k r/ws but have a much higher top end. Both now have stable and mature firmware (though Intel is still behind in this area!). Both will rock your world and make everything seem faster. Both.....well you get the idea. ;)

Honestly, pick the size you are comfortable with and then which is ever one that fits your budget best pick it. Hell, flip a coin heads you win, tails you really cant lose. :)
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