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My System Specs

Default Ram voltage 1.5 or 1.9

so i built my rig, i got a m4a785td-v evo, x2 550 black edition and my ram is patriot viper 2x2 gig 1600mhz low latency 7-7-7-20

Now ram specs are 1.9 volt but the mobo has the ram running at 1.5 volts. Even though the ram is running good and appears to be fine I am going to change this 1.9. is there a chance i should just leave it if everything is running fine and at where the mobo has set it?

Also i want to find out the timing, not sure how to do that in bios or in windows if at all possible with turbo v one of these mobo features

i pretty much want to make sure the ram is runing at its top specs, 1.9 volt 1600mhz 7-7-7-20

thought's my Canadian hero's?
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