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Summary so my rambling doesnt have to be read

nexus is just android. Android brings nothing new to Smartphones apart from google and in general is meh for me. WebOS is better imo.

yeah, probably better to not read the rambling but up to you.

its good hardware but still android, Google trying to compete directly with the iphone but still android. Even with its inferior hardware I will still be happier with my Pre than I would be with this, android has always lacked something for me. Android as an OS is basic, it doesnt have any advantages over the majority of smart-phones out there, its basicly tried to combine Windows Mobile and the iPhone, and the only stand out points for me personally are its app catalog and the fact that its Google, apart from that its very meh for me, its not even cooked roms friendly. WebOS might be not as optimized and might have a ridiculously small app catalog but its still significantly the youngest OS out there and is still advancing quite quickly on all of its flaws. And the way it handles multitasking and the way in general that it behaves puts it apart from the rest of the back.
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