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I have a 3007WFP, so take a guess what recommend ;)

Obviously the 2560x1600 beast; it's truely amazing.

I've used the 305T at work, it's a gorgeous display aside from the lack of HDCP, which was a ridiculous oversight on Samsung's part.

Just to put a little perspective into why i'd suggest 2560x1600 ;)...

Massive amounts of desktop working space! (2560x1600)

A lot less working space...(1920x1200)

UT3 2560x1600



While it is true that games like Crysis will put a beating on any video card out there at that kinda resolution, you can always run at a lower resolution 1:1 (like you see in those pics) :)

And as for small icons/font, that can be remedied by dpi adjustments, or just manually increasing font sizes to whatever is desired (what i do for Windows & browsers).
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