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My System Specs


i took laptop apart. re applied thermal paste. still same deal

i paid 50$ for the laptop yeah i know of course rone what do ya think lol 50$. but the ad said tested working buy it now 49.99 free shipping so i bought it and it showed up in like 5 weeks.

yes it has hard drive it has everything ram ect. i took it apart to make sure it wasn't like missing something important. and nothing missing or visible wrong with the internals.

i guess i will try the laptop adapter thing see if that is the issue.

kinda kick in the pants 50$ for the laptop 200$ for a mother board. i don't think this laptop is worth 250$ used lol

after some more research i found people talking about acer bios recovery. i have no dvd rom in my desktop no room for it. i have to shut down my pc and hook one up to make a bootable cd. and they say hold Fn + esc then press the power button on the laptop. so just for the hell of it i did this method just to see if it would start. and sure enough black screen, the fan was blowing and it was trying to read form the cdrom. it stayed on till i turned it off. so maybe this bios thing might do the trick. they said normally the screen will be blank until it finishes.

so maybe the power adapter is not gone. i wish i knew someone with the same laptop

Acer Aspire 5315 DEAD!!
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