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Thanks for pointing out the RAM (I wonder where my head is lately): OCZ (OCZ3G1333LV4GK) DDR3 PC3-10666 1333MHz Gold Edition Low Voltage 4GB (2x2048MB) - not overly cheap but I like OCZ (friends work there)

The SSD will have to be added later if hey want faster load times. I figure a 3GB/s drive will stun them enough compared to the old IDE.

CM Centurion 590 looks nice but not available from my supplier

GPU: Asus ENGT240/DI/1GD3/A nVidia GeForce GT240

PSU: Yes a little over-kill but I always over do it on the PSU ;)

Thanks Jack and Mark for the input. Appreciate it. My phraseology was not accurate and in fact I did not mention that the first thing to do is to look at where they are having problems and see if it can be sorted out first. Knowing them though they would like a new computer. They fired off an email this morning saying "I want a new computer and I want you to build it soon".

Their current system is about 4-6 stages back in tech (I lost count) and they got taken in the process: an underclocked P4C 2.4 (ES chip even - how they got it I do not know since they are not overclockers) and only 256MB of ram everything else was just as cheap but they paid a hefty price. It has since been clocked to normal speeds and has 1Gb of ram (board won't take more) and other tweaks to help it run smoother. Boot times were not bad (the last time I was there).

Even PS does not load up too bad on a P4 3.0C system I have at home but it does like its memory!
Newest system: Intel E8400, Gigabyte EP35-DS3P, OCZ PC2-9200 Reapers, Seagate 3GB/s HDD, etc.
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