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My System Specs


Originally Posted by MarkOne View Post
Mac mini is not robust enough , get some thing more powerful if you want go with Mac. I'm not talking Imac here, I means Mac Pro , Time is money...
Malarky. I know at least three artists who use Mac Minis for this kind of work and they are very happy with them: a portrait studio, a pro photographer, and a painter. One of them still uses a PowePC based Mini.

Originally Posted by Snafu View Post
Mainly for touch-up and editing of shots.
I will look at WD black drive series (what is good about the black drives versus the others?).
Definitely will add fans to the list. I like the antec cases for simplicity - wish the SLK3000B was still around. A decent semi-tower.

They have an external drive back-up system and burn photos to disk.
Do you really want another noisy piece of gear that belches out heat? Startup time seems largely irrelevant. It is a tool in an office; start it up in the morning with all the other tools and turn it off before you leave at the end of the day.

I suggest you get your bud to bring his copy of CS and some work over to your house and load it on your E8400. I bet he will think it's top notch.

Take a stopwatch and see how long it takes to do what he need. (I doubt you will even be able to measure the time he spends waiting for the computer.) Do some back-of-the-envelope calculations based on how much of that work he has to do in a day so get some real understanding of the costs and benefits. Mark is right, time is money. Money is also money. Every dollar you spend on a better PC is a dollar you need to recoup in sales before you start making profit (ie, real money). I do not know your friend's business. If he has more work than he can handle and will have someone sitting in front of this computer all day every day then, certainly, a faster machine will probably make you money fast enough for it to be worth it. If he uses it a couple times a day and only saves a minute or two then it will take years to recoup the investment.

Your question should not be, "what system should I buy for Photoshop". It should be, "what system should I buy to best fit the needs of my (friend's) business".

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