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Default N275GTX MSI Twin Frozr - To WC or not to WC

Hey guys, just wondering about the MSI GTX 275 Twin Frozr card:

I have this card and I'm thinking about getting a waterblock for it, but not a full cover waterblock, since I'm pretty sure this is a non-reference layout.

Does anyone have experience with this card, or pictures of the board layout without the heatsink on it? I was thinking about going with just a GPU waterblock, but then it makes me wonder about the VRMS and all the other components. The stock heatsink (dual fans and full coverage) takes care of these components, whereas a GPU block would not.

So tell me, HWC -- would it be a good idea to get a standalone waterblock for the GPU and maybe some of those little heat sink dudes for the RAM chips and VRMs, or should I just not bother and stick with the stock aircooling heat sink?
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